Adult Classes

Adult Street Funk.jpg

Monday - ADULT Contemporary 

Our Adult Contemporary class is for beginners but we can always give you a challenge if you need one!

Contemporary dance is a very broad term for many dance forms and can be a wonderful complement to your fitness plan!


Street Funk and Fitness class will leave you feeling energised and ready to get your funk on! 

Mixing cardio blasts and dance moves makes for a fun class where you will barely notice you are exercising! The infectious enthusiasm the teacher brings to class will ensure you enjoy every minute!


Our Adult Ballet class is for beginners but can also cater for those wishing to brush up on their ballet skills. 

We are fortunate to have a LIVE PIANIST for the class giving the magic of live music to the class! So get your ballet shoes on and get to the barre!   


The class is designed as a fitness class for the adult baby wearer and children are carried in a sling from just 6 weeks old - Walking (or until they are ready to boogie themselves!)

Slings must be provided by the parents. We can give advice on the right one for you. Classes are taught by qualified fitness instructors with antenatal and postnatal training and experience.

Wear comfy clothing and trainers and be ready to move! Often babies sleep through these sessions so please feel free to stay and chat afterwards and enjoy a coffee in the front lobby.