Saturday 30th March - Hoe Valley School - 5.00 - 7.30pm

In 2017 we started our very own talent contest for our students with huge success! This year we are bringing it back and hope to welcome lots of students to take part in this event. It is FREE to take part and all you need is an ‘act’! We look forward to receiving your entries!


*Please note if you have groups with mixed ages they must enter the age division of the oldest performer.

  • INTER 8 years and under (min 5 years)

  • SENIOR 11 years and under

  • ADVANCED / ADVANCED PLUS 13 years and under

  • VOCATIONAL 16 years and under


• DANCE -Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Street Funk, Contemporary, Lyrical

• SPEECH – Acting monologues, poetry

• SINGING – Song of your choice

• ALTERNATIVE – Musical instruments, magic, circus skills

Entries can be solos, duets, trios or groups


- 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in each age group and category

- Costume award (over all)

- Choreographic award (over all)

- Performance award (over all)

- Technique award (over all)

**All Entries MUST be in by Wednesday 20th March**

Performers are permitted to have more than one entry, but please take into account costume changes, and please provide separate details for each entry.

Please be aware that during the contest the performers remain the parents responsibility and you are expected to accompany your child throughout the contest.

Entry fee for performers is FREE

ENTRY TO WATCH THE COMPETITION WILL BE £2.00 per person on the door (including performers)

Competition Rules:

Music must be provided on an iPod or CD and in full working order on the day

INTER timings - 1 minute max

SENIOR/ADV, ADV PLUS & VOCATIONAL timings – 1.5 minutes max

ALL DUETS & TRIOS - 1.5 minutes max

GROUPS – 2 minutes max

Choreography must be original and not from any syllabus work or show/class dances

Props are allowed if kept within context of performance

Costume attire must be true and appropriate to your style/theme

Music & performance must not contain explicit or inappropriate content

No form of liquids including water, gels, aerosols, glitter, confetti, etc. which may affect the performance area may be used during a routine.


On Saturday 30th March we will hold classes as usual and then we will close the doors until 4.15pm to get ready for the contest.

All performers must arrive and be ready by 5.00pm as we will all come together to watch and support everyone! This is a friendly competition and we hope everyone will join in and encourage the competitors.

4.15pm - Performers arrive to check in and start to get ready

4.30pm - Door open for audience members

5.00pm - BKD Talent Contest

7.15pm - Prize giving

We cannot wait! Team BKD x