Timetable and Term  Dates

We have a 12 week program each term for school age children

 15 week program each term for Pre School and Adult classes.  


Watching Week

Towards the end of each term we invite the parents, family and friends into watch class to see what we have been learning. You are welcome to join the Ballet, Tap and Jazz classes for the whole class, however for Musical theatre and Street Funk we ask that you come along for the last 15 mins of class.

There is NO watching week for Exam coaching classes in the term the exam is taken.

Fun Weeks and Parents do BKD!

Towards the end of the terms we will have a FUN WEEK where we wear silly clothes and hairstyles to class and sometimes PARENTS DO BKD is where all the parents are invited to join their childs class! Heaps of fun and a lovely way to end the term!