Terms & Conditions

Fees must be paid in advance of the first class of each term, with late payment incurring a £15 admin charge.

If you wish to withdraw from class we require a full 6 weeks written notice. This notice is required to leave ALL classes, with the exception of Pay on the Day Adult Classes and Silver Swans. Any student leaving without having given the required notice will be liable to pay outstanding fees, e.g If only 3 weeks notice is given, the balance of the other 3 weeks must be paid.

In cases of hardship, exceptions may be made with permission, but if terms fees are unpaid you may lose your place in the class. BKD Performers reserves the right to refuse entry to any pupil whose fees have not been paid.

No student will be entered into exams or be able to participate in the shows if there are outstanding fees due and no payment plan has been agreed.

All fees are subject to increase at any time. There will be no refunds for classes missed by the student.

An admin fee of £10.00 will be added to your account should your payment fail on Go Cardless without prior warning. After 2 failed payments this payment method will no longer be available which may result in the student being removed from class.

BKD Performers reserves the right to ask a student to withdraw from the class.

BKD Performers has a zero tolerance policy on disruptive or aggressive behaviour towards fellow students, teachers and assistants. BKD Performers does not accept responsibility for injury, loss or damage to clothing or property.

To enable a student to understand a correction, teaching will involve in some cases ‘a hands on’ approach, if you would rather this does not happen when teaching you/your child, please inform BKD Performers in writing. All teachers are DBS enhanced checked and Safeguarding for Children and Vulnerable Adults trained. All teachers are First Aid trained.

Please also note that BKD Performers can only be responsible for the well being of students during classes, we cannot be held responsible for the safety of the students when they are outside of the dance studio/hall. Students who are not collected on time will be asked to stay in the dance studio/hall until a parent arrives to collect them. We expect students to be well behaved and respectful to other hirers who may be using the venues.

No child under the age of 9 should be left unattended in any of our venues. Please be respectful of the venues we hire and ensure they are kept tidy and fire exits remain clear.

BKD Performers will always ensure that classes run at the scheduled times however in the event of an ‘Act of God’ causing the delay or cancellation of a BKD Performers class, the teacher and company is not liable. These include, but are not limited to: power failure, industrial action, civil unrest, fire, flood, storms, snow, earthquakes, acts of terrorism, acts of war, governmental action or any other event that is beyond the control of BKD Performers.

If classes are cancelled due to any of the above reasons stated you will not be refunded for the first class missed any subsequent classes will be refunded in full. We will endeavour to reschedule any classes cancelled.

We would also like to make you aware that occasionally photographs and video may be taken for publicity purposes and for use on the BKD Performers website and social media including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This may mean your child’s or your image is used. If you object to this please inform BKD Performers in writing.