Acrobatic Arts Classes

Acrobatic Arts class must be taken in addition to CLASSICAL Ballet and/or Jazz class as it is not a stand alone discipline.*

*The only exception to this is Acrobatics ASC Exclusively for Kingfield Primary School Children. To enquire about Acrobatics ASC please CLICK HERE

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Strength and Balance

In this day and age of extreme flexibility and the popularity of be able to do ‘tricks’ we understand children are keen to try it out.

We will teach your child how train to do this safely with a qualified instructor, working at their own pace and individual abilities through the Acrobatic Arts syllabus.

'Acro-Dance is the beautiful fusion of the artistic motion of dance and the athleticism of acrobatics. Often defined by its unique choreography, Acro-Dance blends seamlessly classic dance styles with acrobatic movement. The dance styles can be really anything, from a fast paced jazz routine to a slow and beautiful lyrical, or a completely out there contemporary piece.  
It is important to note that Acro-Dance is NOT the same as Gymnastics and there is a need to teach Acro skills differently than Gymnastics skills. Dance training is essential to the success of the Acro-Dancer.
Consider the Gymnastics floor routine, Gymnasts uses some “”DANCE”” technique to showcase their gymnastic skills, however dance is definitely secondary. Gymnasts are expected to prepare…. tumble….. and finish while Acro-Dancers are expected to seamlessly incorporate the skills. In fact, in a well choreographed Acro-Dance routine, the audience shouldn't expect the skill at all.  
And the other very important difference is, Acro-Dance is performed on a hard stage without mats while Gymnastics have the advantage of a sprung floors allowing for much more difficult tumbling and stuck landings.'

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PLEASE NOTE - We operate on a NO WARM UP - NO CLASS basis. If you miss the warm up at the start of class you will only be able to spectate. Warm up clothes and tracksuits MUST be worn to and from ALL classes.